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Client projects

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Digitization of the Asten heat network of Linz AG, Austria

With the Arteria Planning Suite, existing GIS data is imported and a digital network model of Asten is created. The integration of historical operating data allows an analysis of the status quo and the identification of potential for improvement.

Status quo analysis of the Caslano heating network of AIL, Switzerland

The Arteria Planning Suite is used to read existing GIS data and combine it with measurement data in order to be able to simulate the operating status of the network. The thermo-hydraulic calculations allow the operating status to be mapped in all network areas and serve as a basis for reducing the network temperature.

Support transformation plan of Stadtwerke Dingolfing, Germany

The Arteria Planning Suite creates a digital network model that serves as the basis for the transformation plan and the implementation of its measures. The goal is to advance network expansion with the help of Arteria and at the same time decarbonize the current heat supply.

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Grid Planning Resolia Belgium

Resolia is a Belgian engineering firm responsible for the redesign of a heat network as part of the Brussels Decarbonization Master Plan in the suburb of LaRue. The goal is to design a new heating network for this district which includes pipe dimensioning, calculation of the heat output of the heating plants and an integrated ROI analysis.

Feasibility study for network expansion in St Andrews, UK

With the Arteria planning module, a total of 11 different expansion scenarios were analyzed with regards to their technical and economic feasibility. The study was completed in just 3 months, saving at least 50% of planning time.

Digital district planning for property developers Avoris GmbH, Austria

Based on the urban development plan, the new development area was mapped as a digital city model in order to have electricity and heat consumption curves available for the design of the local energy system. In addition, the optimal size of the PV systems with a maximum self-consumption rate was determined.

Digital neighborhood planning for property developer CEAS GmbH, Austria

The design of the local heating network is supported for a geothermal well as well as the PV system and battery storage for a total of 20 residential buildings. The buildings as well as the energy system components were created directly in the platform and annual load profiles for sizing were determined.


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829 € /month*
Arteria Planning Suite©

Digital heat network planning

  • 1 Heating network
  • Plan heat networks from scratch
  • Expand existing network
  • Dynamic network simulations over 1 year
  • GIS integration via .csv
  • Try it 2 weeks for free!
10 ct /MWh**
Arteria Operations©

Real time optimization of network operation

  • 1 Heating network
  • Live Monitoring incl. Alerts
  • Optimized heating curves for temperatur reduction
  • MCB based control to reduce system losses
Arteria Services©

Individual Services

  • Data preparation for GIS data integration
  • Data preparation for operational data integration
  • Heat zone planning
  • Feasabilty studies
  • Transformation plans
  • Research projects
  • Individual solutions

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