Digital infrastructure for the heating networks of tomorrow

Increase the efficiency of planning and operation of heating networks with the Arteria platform.

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Energy Efficiency




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Client projects

That's how we help our customers.

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2020: Optimization of a subnetwork at Vienna utility company

Optimization of a Vienna district heating subnet using the Arteria Operations. Results show potential savings of up to 20%.

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2021: Network analysis using GIS Geneve utility company

Analysis and integration of the GIS data of the Geneva heating network.

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2022: Optimization of operations at utility company Lugano

Optimized feed-in parameters are developed using Arteria Operations and exergy analysis. The aim is to make operations up to 15% more efficient.

How we work

Implement heating networks 4.0 in 3 steps.

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    Try the free demo

    Make an appointment free of charge and test the Arteria platform. Create your own heating network or expand an existing one.

  • 2
    Create a customer profile and get started

    Digitize your own heating networks with Arteria GridCreator. Just do it yourself or use our in-house services.

  • 3
    Use Cases at your service

    Use the Arteria platform in a targeted manner with our flexible modules GridCreator, Planning or Operations. Without binding to the SaaS price.

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Customized to your needs

500 /project

Digitize old network plans with just a few clicks

  • 1 heating network*
  • Complete node/edge model
  • Basis for network simulations and operational optimization
999 /month
Arteria Planning

Easy analysis of grid expansion and strong BI Tools

  • SaaS*
  • GIS Integration
  • High resolution time series
  • Digital twin of the heating network
  • Network planning, sector coupling and much more.
2.00 /substation
Arteria Operations

Real-time optimization and control

  • SaaS
  • Heating network 4.0**
  • Primary energy saving
  • New business models such as dynamic tariffs
  • Demand response, exergy optimization and many more.

Who we are

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Dr. Stefano Coss
Founder & CEO

Stefano has a PhD in energy engineering and is the founder of Arteria. His passion lies in the development of digital tools for decentralized and sustainable energy systems.

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Catalina Gaona
Product Manager

Catalina's background is Sustainable Energy Systems. Her role at Arteria is the development of products and services for the energy transition.

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Sebastian Dorfer
Head of IT

Sebastian is a senior full-stack developer with a talent for graphics and usability. It implements Arteria's cloud-based web services.

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Ana Romero
Simulation Engineer

Ana is studying power engineering and doing her internship at Arteria. She supports the development of models and simulations.